“DARZENTAS SPIROS” company was founded in 1992 in Fira, Santorini, and today it is based in the Municipality of Thira in the area of Monolithos Messaria.

Our company is housed today in a privately-owned and fully-organized area of a total 7 acres, with the 1,000 m2 building premises and a car park with a capacity of 80 cars. People with disabilities can be comfortably accommodated and have direct access to all areas.

The company is purely commercial and distributes its merchandise mainly in Santorini and Ios island, with privately owned means of transport. It has three closed-type trucks, an open-type LC truck, a refrigerator truck for transporting delicate refrigerated products, and a motorcycle for fast delivery of small orders in the center of the island.

Our company is the exclusive agent of the following companies “PAPASTRATOS-PHILIP MORRIS HELLAS”, which is also an independent entity – Single Member Private Company, “CHIPITA”, “TASTY”, “KRI-KRI” and “MARS-WRIGLEY” in Santorini and Ios. We have special agreements for the representation of “OPTIMA”, “PEGASOS”, “ION”, “MONDELEZ”, “ALLATINI”, “E. I. PAPADOPOULOS” (biscuits), “DAMKALIDI”, “JOTIS REFRIGERATION”, “PEPSICO”, “ATLANTA”, “CAROULIAS”, and as a result we are able to offer our customers a wide range of fine, affordable, high quality and branded products with excellent specifications, for the high profitability of our customers.

Our customers submit their orders, either through our two sellers touring the stores or by phone, fax or e-mail. Orders are executed immediately and in most cases on the same, and often within a few hours, due to the efficient computer system and the Logistic system we have in cooperation with “Chipita”.

In order to ensure proper service for its customers and its smooth operation the company in the past 20 years, has ten permanent employees, commercial, salespeople, drivers, packers, as well as external associates (accountancy firm, etc.). Staff are well trained and experienced according to the needs and particularities of the company.

In order to achieve the company goal which is to offer the best and quickest service to our customers with the best prices, company management, staff and suppliers have contributed, for the common benefit.